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TBI One Love Survivor Laura Triem

Hello my name is Laura Triem,

On November 4th 2011, I was struck by light rail train in Denver, Colorado. needless to say that day my life was forever changed, I was texting and had my earbuds in listening to music and I failed to see or hear the train coming when I went to walk across the tracks. I was in a coma 13 days and I had to have Both sides of my skull, (bone flaps) removed to help ease the swelling. My parents were told that I may not survive. I have no memory of my accident and while I was recovering I then suffered a stroke.   I have had to relearn everything all over again and it was as if I was a newborn baby again but only bigger.  I had an amazing team of Dr's at Denver Health and then at Craig's Hospital where I had to learn to walk, talk and even eat all over again.  

My family never left my side and so many people were praying for me, even people I didn't know that had seen or heard about my accident on the news. I was only 21 yrs. old and had moved to Denever from Arizona to attend college. I am now 25 yrs. old and the anniversary date of my accident is coming up, I am so grateful that my recovery has gone well, I am by no means like I was but I am alive.

I have had a lot of time to think about how much I lost and even went through the why did this have to happen to me/felt sorry for myself phase, but I am so over that now. I made a mistake, I failed to look both ways and I was distracted a stupid phone and listening to music.

I am now back in AZ, I have a wonderful boyfriend and 3 months ago I even went back to work. I walk with a limp, I can't drive and I have problems trying to find the right words or remember certain things, but I am alive and I know that god has a special plan for me.

I hope what happened to me never happens to another person, so please avoid distractions, put your phone down and never forget to look both ways.  

Remember to look up and live!! I am just so grateful to be alive! Thank you, Laura Tried xoxo

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