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TBI One Love Survivor Lauren Hernandez

Hi, my name is Lauren Hernandez.

On June, 15th of 2016 my life changed because I was the passenger in my brand new Nissan frontier, that I had just bought. The reason I was not behind the wheel, is because I had just prior to this accident messed up my ankle.

What took place is, I had married a guy on May 28th of that year & 2 weeks later when we were out he crashed my truck into a tree then wall!

Due to the accident, I and was left behind unconscious because he thought I was dead!

When located, I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with: was glasco scale 3, had subdura hematoma, cerebral bleeding, microscopic bleeding throughout my Brain, a severe TBI, a severe DAI, displaced ribs, lacerated liver, & fractured scapula.

I was in ICU for 2 weeks, the hospital floor for 2 weeks, inpatient therapy for 1 ½ months, then outpatient therapy for 10 months, and I just got done in June of this year (2017)!

Now, I am proud to announce that, I have just finished my first semester of college only being 17 months’ post!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family, I am excited to learn from each of you!

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