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TBI One Love Survivor Lauren Taylor

Updated: May 13, 2021

Hello, our survivors name is Lauren Taylor and two years ago on, May 12th in 2019, her life changed forever after suffering with a devastating brain injury.

On that day, Lauren was walking a horse at the Aiken Horse Show when something spooked the horse causing him to wheel around and kick out. Tragically, Lauren was struck in the side of the head and badly injured. She was rushed to the trauma center in Augusta where she stayed for 2 weeks!

Next, she was flown to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, a facility specializing in brain injury rehabilitation. In an encouraging development at the Shepherd Center, Lauren opened her eyes and started to respond for the first time since the accident.

Lauren is a sweet, smart, hard-working young woman who has become a valued part of our horse operation. Who could have imagined that such a routine task as walking a horse could lead to such a terrible injury? How I wish it were possible to turn back the hands of time to create a different outcome.

But, non the less Lauren is 100% determined getting to where she wants to go! So many people didn’t think that lauren was going to make it due to how bad her TBI was. But she had other plans!

The effort to prove people wrong calls for Lauren to put herself through some tough workouts. It’s incredible to watch her, her strength and determination. She keeps herself focused on pushing ahead. "Easy things never give good results at the end of the day."-Lauren

18 months after her injury, she took her first unassisted steps. Which was an amazing moment! Then she was already getting “back in the saddle”to be back into horseback again.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.


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