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TBI One Love Survivor Lee Staniland

Hello, my name is Lee.

It all happened June 11,1978. I decide to ride my horse in my pasture that had many walnut trees on it, in Somis California. I only had a bareback blanket and a hackamore and I was not the best rider in the world. I but my dogs up in their kennel and I was off!!!

I have no idea what really happened but I figured something scared her and she took me under one of the trees. I smashed my forehead on the branch and then the back of my head when I hit the ground.

My husband came home (who knows how long I was out there?) and found me unconscious under a tree. He took me to the hospital were I stayed in a coma for about 6 weeks.

When I came out of the comma, I was paralyzed on my whole right side of my body. Had to learn to walk, talk, and do everything we learned to do as a baby.

I worked very hard a got most of my old self back. Still there are time when I am tired or too stressed that things will get a little fuzzy but I do very well for a person that what thru what I have.

We started a group of Brain Injured folk so that we didn't feel alone and it has grown to become THE BRAIN INJURY CENTER of Ventura County.

The most important thing that I got back, is that I can drive and a lot of folks can't. That gave me back so much independence.

My advice for anyone that goes thru this is NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!  You might do things different from the norm but YOU CAN DO IT!

Good luck on your New Life! It can be very beautiful!

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