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TBI One Love Survivor Len Macivor

Hello, my name is Len Macivor. I sustained my TBI when I was 38 in 2005 while I was the Vice President of sales for Fortune 100 company loving life with my wife and 5 kids . During a company incentive trip in Costa Rica while on a team building event, I was in a horrible Atv accident! Because of this accident I, shattered 5 vertbre and suffered a severe head injury while over seas!

After 12 years I am still battling insurance and company in courts! I started using a twitter account: @tbi4life, because I was feeling incredible isolated! By doing this, It helped me meet some incredible people and gives me a sense of purpose!

When my legal journey is complete, which is very soon I've been told I plan to utilize my past skills and promote awareness of brain injury all over because it is ALL that I know!

Thank you for doing what you do and letting me be a part of this inspirational change!

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