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TBI One Love Survivor Linda Hays

Hello, my name is Linda.

I was coming back from taking my Grandma's friend to visit her (I was taking care of my grandma) I was told it had started snowing earlier in the day. Well the police report says I lost control of my car on a curve coming out of north Lewisburg Ohio. another car hit me. they said my car rolled and flipped in a field. when the police found me they thought I was dead because I wasn't breathing., I was the driver and hanging out the passenger side door with the seatbelt wrapped around my neck. someone had felt a pulse and called for a helicopter because this is in the country. my sister told me I was life flighted to Grant Hospital in Columbus Ohio but on the way they had lost me. they brought me back but to keep me alive they had to take out my spleen on the helicopter. so they did surgery on the helicopter in route to the hospital and when they got me to grant they sewed me up. I had a TBI, spleen removed, broken ankle, broken tailbone, 3 bones on my sacrum broken, collapsed lung, and ended up having a stroke while in a coma.

 I also had a feeding tube and trachea. my accident was on January 3rd. I remember waking up in February at OSU even though my hubby told me I woke up weeks b4 then. I had to learn to walk, talk, use my right side, learn who I was, learn to eat, write, everything. I had to be told to do everything just like a child. I I had long term and short term memory loss. I knew nothing. everything I did learn in these years my daughter taught me. she was 10 at the time and I was teaching her b4 the wreak and she started re teaching me.

 I am still learning to this day. I got most of my life memory back this year. I can now remember my kids growing up which makes me very happy. if you suffer from depression like I did. don't give up. there is hope. find something to occupy your time. animals are great. when I’m sad my lab knows and gives me kisses. you were saved for a reason. you may not know why but he will let you know eventually. you are needed by us. we are one. we are strong together, we must stand together.

 I love everyone!

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