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TBI One Love Survivor Lisa Olson

 Hello, my name is Lisa.

I have an anoxic BI which means that my brain was completely deprived of oxygen, which on May 30th in 2010 I was a healthy & fit 56 yr. old who loved being a literacy coach with English language learners, but I would be dead if my husband wasn't sitting next to me to start CPR since I had stopped breathing & he called 911!

 I had a sudden cardiac arrest which differs from a heart attack. SCA is an electrical malfunction while a heart attack is a plumbing problem. The EMTs came in 7 minutes & zapped me multiple times, but couldn't resuscitate me for more than 30minutes. I was in a coma for 20 days & still take some anti-seizure meds. I was hospitalized for 9 weeks & had to relearn to breath, swallow, talk, walk, read & write all over agin.

 I am very blessed to BE alive, I have a wonderful husband & 2 adult daughters who have all supported me, challenged me & continued to love me no matter what! During my recovery, I had 1.5 yrs. of PT, OC & speech therapies, but now read just at an 8th grade. My reading level is much different that before I sustained my Anoxic Brain Injury because I used to be a veracious reader, but since my vision was affected with my BI causing my eyes to not work well together, so it is hard work & not relaxing when reading.

 I have poor depth perception & peripheral vision. I sucks to be dependent on rides, I used to love to hike by the river & also the creek in my neighborhood, but because of my Brain Injury it is unsafe for me now, so I just stick to the sidewalks.

I get to volunteer 2 mornings a week with autistic preschoolers, which I love that I can walk there, getting invited to birthday parties & also any other special occasions!  My life has changed thanks to my Brain Injury, which will not ever be the same, but honestly I choose to count my blessings & never give up trying to improve my brain!

I would like to announce that this summer in 2016, I'm now working on a 6th grade math - YIKES!

God bless you all & I love TBI ONE LOVE!

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