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TBI One Love Survivor Lucy Rogoff

Hello, my name is Lucy Rogoff, I sustained my Brain Injury on the 28th of February (pancake day) this year (2017).

I was on a holiday visiting my Dad back home in South Africa, and on our way back from a shark cage dive we were involved in a horrible car crash on the motorway!

My dad lost control of the car and ended up rolling the car 4 times onto the hard shoulder! Unfortunately, in the motion of the car rolling I flew out of the sun roof! Luckily, we both survived the accident! 

My Dad broke his back but it is recovering tremendously! I on the other hand took a bash to the head and suffered 2 bleeds on the brain! In addition to this, I fractured my spine in two places, broke my arm and dislocated my hip. Nether-less I am still here today alive and breathing making the most of my life!

This accident has been an eye opener and I'm so determined to make a full recovery, for time is the greatest healer :)

Thank you for letting me join this supportive Family!

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