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TBI One Love Survivor Marcelo Vidal

Hello, my name is Marcelo. On 10/17/15, I was involved in a horrible accident when a, high speeding driver did not stop on his red light and crushed me in my car!

I was locked inside the squished vehicle, until fire fighters arrived with, "Jaws of Life" rescued me out to board me on a Blackhawk Helicopter. Which airlifted me to Jackson Memorial Hospital where I laid in coma for 29 days and stayed as an inpatient for 6 months recovering from a fractured leg and Traumatic Brain Injury.

 What saved my life was wearing my seatbelt as I am grateful to be alive. I was released home wheel chair bound and wearing pampers because I could not comprehend until the Florida Brain and Spinal Cord Program authorized therapy at American Pro-Health Rehabilitation Center and with the excellent therapy given to me by Rafael Garcia Ortiz I can walk, talk, comprehend and use the restroom. 

By this time, I was cleared to do Aquatic Therapy with Kelly Gomez Messett with Jackson Health System at Recreation Therapy Neuro Group and had an awesome swim swimming in an Olympic Pool. 

So, grateful and thankful to be alive for all those who participated in my recovery. Thank you, for letting me join this helpful family! 

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