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TBI One Love Survivor Marina Shelton

Hello, my name is Marina Shelton. On April 19th in 2003 I went to a horseback riding lesson, it was a group lesson outside on a trail. At some point the girl on the horse behind me bumped into the horse I was on, which had the horse I was on get spooked, so she kicked back at the other horse!

When this happened, it threw me off her back and she started to run off! One of my ankles got caught in one of the stirrups so as she ran, I got dragged through the woods!

When my instructor caught up to us, the horse I rode had run over 100 feet and I was already unconscious. The instructor called 911 on his cell phone and I was helicoptered by Med Flight into Boston Medical Center. I was in a coma there for 6 weeks, opened my eyes and it was clear that I'd live, went to Spaulding Rehabilitation where I fully came out of my coma, lived there for 5 months, moved home, and I've made so much progress since, and will not ever give up!

Thank you for letting me join this great Family.

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