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TBI One Love Survivor Mark Holsten

Hello, my name is Mark Holsten.

It was Sunday night on February 12th of 2017 around 11:30 PM, when my grandson and I were enjoying my 15ft'wide3.5ft'deep fire pit.

We had worked on 1.486 acers. Cleaning it up, so we had a beer to celebrate our 249.0hrs to clean up the land. When the fire died down, I went inside the house and the sliding glass door doesn't lock.

We have an early 1920s bed frame that we use as a block for the glass door. Well I bent over to move some stuff to slide the curtain, and when I stood up wham, I smashed my head hard against the metal, was dizzy for ten seconds, then pasted out cold and landed hard on my head!

Thank you TBI One Love for this opportunity!

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