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TBI One Love Survivor Matthew Williams

Hello, my name is Mrs. Linda Williams. My husband Matthew sustained his TBI on March 12th of 2012, when Matthew and I went to dinner afterwards we were delivering Girl Scout cookies to friends he is such a happy person he was dancing in the parking lot laughing and singing he tripped and hit his head on a concrete block it knocked him out!

I called EMS, they came checked him asked him questions he answered all and then said he just wanted to go home since he had to work the next day. We went home even though I wanted to go get him checked out he said he was fine. We went to bed I woke up at 2am and checked him and couldn't wake him up called ems again and they air cared him to Uc Cincinnati and did emergency surgery right away.

He was in a coma for 4 months they didn't think he would make it, I kept telling them he would he was a fighter, and still is they transferred him to Drake hospital and he was on a feeding tube and vent for a year, then they transferred him to a nursing home which was awful. After another year, he was finally off vent and eating soft foods that's when I said I'm taking him home.

They argued with me but that place was awful. We had to sell our condo since I could not get him into it and bought a house and my daughter and her family moved in to help. He is 48 now can't get any help from social security I work full time at a police department. I payed an aide to come help 3 hours a day daughter helps too. He is so much better now talks fine just starting to walk on walker.

It's been a long road but we will never give up. His memory long term is great short term not so great. Oh, and during all this I was diagnosed with colon cancer ugh, but I have been cancer free for 4 years thanks to the good lord!

Thank you for allowing us to join this helpful Family!

My message to everyone is to, NEVER GIVE UP

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