• Survivor or Caregiver

TBI One Love Survivor Megan Dunaway

Hello, my name is Megan.

On October 11th 2013 I tried car surfing while sitting. the driver was going 45 miles an hour and he took a sharp turn, then I flew off the hood and landed on the concrete my head slammed on the cement and I ended up with a traumatic brain injury in a coma for over a month paralyzed waist down for 5 months. Went through multiple rehabs and still am going there.

I can now walk but, I have left side weakness. the surgeons had to SHAVE my head to perform the surgery that saved my life. the surgeons removed a large part of my skull. But they put that part back in. I have had a total of 13 surgeries due to the accident. I wear an ankle brace and a knee brace. My hair is growing back pretty fast. My left hand is mostly paralyzed. But I can still walk, talk, and understand things perfectly.I can't drive for three months because of seizures that I have tho.

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