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TBI One Love Survivor Megan Hrychuk

My name is Megan Hrychuk.  

I grew up in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada, my whole life, going on 24 years. I graduated from LP Miller High School in 2009 and then I went on to university to become a Registered Nurse.

On Monday, September. 15th, 2014, I fell off a roof onto concrete pad and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.  I was taking my boyfriend a Gatorade while he was re-shingling a roof, and had just came off nightshifts that weekend, which I think played a big part.  I was taken to Nipawin Hospital by paramedics, stabilized and flown to RUH in Saskatoon, by Air Ambulance.  I was in a coma for 14 days in ICU, needing intubation to breath and a port in my skull to relieve the intracranial pressure.  

Even though I had regained some conscious state, I continued to go in and out of a semi coma state so my Neurologist started me on Zolpidem.  It is normally used as a sleeping pill, but works as an awakening agent in 5% of people and I was one of those people. 

Then on December. 9, 2014, I was transferred to City Hospital in Saskatoon, a rehabilitation center. I worked with a physiotherapist (PT), an occupational therapist(OT), and a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP). On March. 13, 2015, I was discharged home to continue my recovery in my home community but also continued to travel back to the city for outpatient therapy.

On October. 27, 2015, I move into our brand new house my boyfriend built for me during my stay in the hospital.  What an amazing gesture of love and support to come home to!!

I have now started a new type of therapy in Saskatoon since November 2015 called ABM (Anat Baniel Method), a Neurological Rehabilitation that is provided by a limited number of practioners in Canada. Then in April 2016, I was lucky enough to travel to San Rafael, California to go to the Anat Baniel's Centre to work with Anat and her practitioners. I have made so much progress in my recovery and still have more to accomplish.  

I want to tell everyone not give up, even if the fight seems unachievable, you can do it!! 

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