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TBI One Love Survivor Megan Johnson

HI, my name is Megan Johnson. I am the 40-year-old mother of my fantastic twin boys, Luke and Max Johnson. This last year on June 30th, 2016 I accidentally caused a Brain Injury to myself when I collapsed in Huxley Iowa and my mother luckily had her ESP and came from Omaha NE to find me on my bathroom floor.

 I was making no sense and I could not walk. I was diagnosed with a brain injury named Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS) From lack of Vitamin B1 and drinking alcohol and not eating properly. I forgot how to walk, my memory was shot, my brain and body stopped working!  

I luckily somehow in the only 20% that recover from this Brain Injury. Not that I'm healed and back to the old mom that they knew, but we are all living together again back in their hometown of Huxley Iowa.

Since my Brain Injury my twins have had to move to another state to live with my wonderfully supportive mother Roberta, our house and car has been sold, I've turned our lives upside down.

I've been in treatment since October 10th 2016 and on April 1st I finally had healed enough to get to move into a apartment back in the town of Huxley Iowa.  My twins are finishing their school year at Millard North in Omaha NE, and this summer will be rejoining me back in Huxley IA. 

This disability is heartbreakingly hard. I've had to relearn life again, and had to finally grieve correctly for my loved ones. I enjoyed knowing things, but now with my brain injury I feel insanely lost, a lot of self doubt. Not knowing is extremely hard!!! 

My neurologist said to me recently that I should be thanking my lucky stars, my angels, because I am somehow making incredible progress with having this brain injury.

I am very excited to join the TBI One Love Family and learn from other Survivors!

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