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TBI One Love Survivor Melina Vincent

Hello, my name is Melina Vicent.

I would like to share with you, how my life changed on June 9th of 2016.

For the first time in my life I was working nights in the healthcare field, and on the way home I fell asleep at the wheel because there was a text to my boyfriend at the time saying how tired I was!

All I remember is texting him and then somehow, I ended up driving my car under the belly of a semi!

 From there, I was located by the local authorities and medical team, but they couldn't get me out and had to use TWO jaws of life after they broke the first one.

 Then once they could remove me, I was air lifted to the closest trauma one hospital spent 96 days there because I needed multiple surgeries one for my broken left femur and crushed right foot, I couldn't breathe on my own and they couldn't leave me intubated for a long period of time they had to give me a tracheostomy. 

Well then, the next step was that when I was stable, I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital (RIC) and did their program. 

Next, after a few months I was released to finally go back home and start with RICs outpatient rehabilitation. 

From there my family has been here to help me with everything and I couldn't be more fortunate. I am currently out of the wheelchair and after many devices and "steps" I am now walking with a cane but still unable to live on my own.  

Thank you very much for letting me join this Family! I do not feel alone anymore, this is extremely grateful!

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