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TBI One Love Survivor Michelle Blackburn

My name is Michelle Merriett Blackburn, I'm told I had a motorcycle accident on November 5th in 2011 and I was wearing a helmet I'm told. I have no memory of Nov. 2011 and very little memory of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and some of 2016.

I do remember being in an automobile accident March 29, 2016, which it deployed my airbags. My husband was driving and it totaled my truck. When my airbags deployed it burnt my right leg knee area and my outer thy arear. I'm just wondering what the hell I was left here for cause my only sister, my youngest son with my grandbabies, and my niece have disowned me.

These are pictures of my accident once I came home and the physical therapy then and also some of me now.

I'm am continuing to be getting better!  All I need help with is walking and getting into my shower. I'm not giving up cause my parents God Rest did not raise a quitter and I wear both their urn charms around my neck. I keep proving to myself I can do this and I'm not quitting!

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