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TBI One Love Survivor Mikey Whitehead

Hello, my name is Mikey.

I sustained a Severe head injury back in 2012 while on the Honeymoon with my Wife. We were being driven abroad and the car crashed as a result of reckless driving.

 I do not remember the moment of impact, but my wife told me I threw myself over her and held her in place, which meant I was completely unprotected when the car crashed, flipping over in the air and landing on its roof. While I was in a coma, my wife found out she was pregnant with our first child. 

I was 6 months into my child nurse training when this happened. Nursing is my dream, and I was totally crushed when I had to leave the course. I tried to return, but had to leave again as my symptoms were so severe. 

Three years of hope and specialist neuro-rehabilitation later I felt I would go for broke and continue my nurse training. 

I am now in my final year of nursing studies and although every single day presents such difficult challenges that seem impossible to overcome at times, I’m living for the present moment only, whilst adopting an ‘open to accept anything’ attitude as I go through my final year. Hope and belief is something every family are entitled to after suffering a TBI, because I believe nothing is impossible!

Luckily my wife was not injured, so I now have a happy, healthy and beautiful three-year-old. This was the first miracle to come out of my accident!

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