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TBI One Love Survivor Natalie Bramwell

Hello my name is Natalie Bramwell. On April 22nd (Earth Day) in 2015, I was walking by a construction site on a farm that was located deep in the mountains.  While there a small cut tree being used fell, hitting me in the back of the head, then pinning me to the ground!

Thus, I had sustained a Intraparenchymal Brain Hemorrhage appearing like a blood splatter down my left hemisphere. This was not my first Brain Injury though, but it was by far my worst! The first few months I was on assisted bedrest with stroke-like symptoms.

It took a year of very limited activity before I could go back to work. My first head injury was a fall at age 14 which led to seizures and consistent migraines.

I have been called very lucky in my healing outcome.

Thank you TBI One Love!

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