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TBI One Love Survivor Nick Clarke

Hello my Name is Nick Clarke. I am an ex footballer who has something in common with the late George best in that I’ve played at Craven Cottage (fulham) Edgily Park (Stockport County) and Old Trafford (Manchester United).

 I was 42 an in a very stressful job, and on the morning the 10th of September in 2012, I woke up in the bathroom after I collapsed before going to work in my 140-mile commute. This caused me to be bleeding on the LHS (Left Hand Side) of my brain, and spent 4 weeks in hospital. I soon realized that there is very little help, support, guidance and information out there not only for the stroke survivor but their families too!

The lack of those bugged me, so I went ahead to make a difference and started my own charity up as: Stroke information in the UK, and we became a registered Organization during April of 2016.

Stroke Information helps now provide support, information and guidance and above else HOPE! To learn more please visit:!

Thank you TBI One Love for the change you are making worldwide!

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