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TBI One Love Survivor Nina Harris

Hello, my name is Nina.

On July 27th 2014, I had finished my work day and was going on a first date four wheel riding in the Ocala National Forest only 15 miles from home. (he had known that nor been to my home) we met in a location, he offered me a helmet and told me about his wheeler but I already knew about, I wore Goggles no helmet though. The day was good, we seen bears, rested for a few and that's all I know. He said I didn't catch up to him, he came to find me, I had hit a tree. Was bad off, he got me to say a few words, which where, " go on, I am going to sleep now." He sat me up, rushed out a mile or so end up at my neighbors what fate. They called 911, he went back in and the local officer who I knew didn't believe it was me, he had helped me the day before when my car broke, the ambulance couldn't get to me, a lady and her son drove them back. They called for life flight. When they brought me out 2 people recognized my jewelry and started crying my head wasn't place able.

The knew me 23 years and called my daughter, mom and rest of my loved ones. When I was life flighted and my mom and daughter got there they had 10 to sign for my brain to be drilled in to relieve swelling if not they said I was dead. I spent 4 days in a natural coma, then days in an induced coma, 20 days in the hospital and then therapy.  I am very lucky!! I look normal but have trauma in my brain, mini seizures and the list grows. We are all family of TBI.  I do have a picture from the coma.

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