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TBI One Love Survivor Orah Mital

Hello, my name is Shanie Baitz and my friend is Orah Mital.

On August 3, 2007 at the mere age of 15, Mital Habosha life was changed forever. She was in a tragic car accident and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. The doctors were not hopeful about her condition and predicted there would be no alternative than to pull the plug. Mital's family did not give up hope and added Orah to her name (Meaning Light in Hebrew).

After lifesaving surgery was performed, Orah Mital started to show signs of life and began to respond to stimuli. She awoke from her coma state, thank G-d, and recognized her family and friends.

Orah Mital even came up with a system of blinks to communicate with her family, but unfortunately, she has yet to regain her ability to speak. Orah Mital continues to teach us the true meaning of faith as she continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury, a very long and difficult journey. Over the past nine and a half years she has tried many therapies as well as attending physical therapy twice a week, to help her strengthen her muscle coordination as well as to relieve her of pain.  

Her family and friends have started a website  and Facebook page LightforOrah to help raise awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury as well as raise funds to Orah Mital can continue getting the proper care she deserves!

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