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TBI One Love Survivor Patrick Murphy

Hello, my name is Patrick Murphy. I cracked my skull when I was 8 and many times after, which had a Brain surgery to the fix cracks and superior canal dehiscence in 2015. It failed. I have vestibular symptoms and constant fibromyalgia pain. Used biking as therapy and couldn't make a block just a year and a half ago. I worked every day for a year on an exercise bike and at a BMX track.

Even though, I can't Run! I can't play soccer or surf and, I fall over mowing the lawn or sweeping.

Somehow my Brain loves the quiet of the bike and having my arms and legs to balance. I only feel good on a bike with a little adrenaline going. I wear a motorcycle helmet but still taking a risk racing. Brain surgery consult at Johns Hopkins in a few weeks to patch holes. Sure, that my Dr. will always say, that I don't need to try and race.

Only 2 races left and I will be top 10 41-46 BMX int/nov on Northern California. I, even got offered a factory sponsor today (July 1st, 2017)!

My son races with me, sees me on the track and knows that I'm not just a guy in pain.

Thanks for letting us join this Family, Peace and Love from the Redwoods.


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