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TBI One Love Survivor Paul Cassidy

Hello, my name is Natasha Cassidy.

I would like to introduce my husband: Paul that sustained his brain injury at the age of 33 on June 19th of 2015 from a fractured skull and a brain bleed after being attacked on his way to his local pub in Cheadle, Manchester.

Paul spent two months in hospital but when he returned home, he became emotionally flat and turned into a vulnerable little baby. I had to honestly, learn to love him again after his change of personality since the attack in 2015. 

I thought when he came home everything would go back to normal. But it was such a sudden role reversal! Paul cannot remember the attack at all that took place at all!

In July of last year (2016) Matthew George Meehan, of Turves Road, Cheadle Hulme, was finally jailed for three years & four months after pleading guilty to assault and affray! We are very thankful!

Now, on top of caring for Paul, I must play the role of both mum and dad to their children. Our eight-year-old daughter is being investigated for ADHD, so she’s a handful already!

Before I would look to Paul for back up,but now he doesn’t understand. How do I explain to my four-year-old why one minute dad wants to play and have a hug and the next minute he wants him to go away?!

Thankfully, I have been continuously supported by the brain injury charity: “Headway”. As a thank you for all they do for my Family, I go and volunteer for them at their shop in Cheadle. I do this because, I just wanted to give a little bit back!

 With Headway, you can see what it does for people and honestly volunteering felt like being part of a family where no-one judged you. I developed a lot of personal confidence! This role has helped me find my calling in life and I am now, also completing a level three certificate in counselling at Stockport College.

Thanks to this big help, my Family story has been shortlisted for Headway’s Caregiver of the Year award. The winner will be announced at the Dorchester Hotel, London, on December 8.

Paul helps remind me of how much he appreciates the support and his family, by daily telling us: “I know I wouldn’t have made such a fantastic recovery if it wasn’t for Natasha and our children.”

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family, we look forward to the help! 

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