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TBI One Love Survivor Paul Fishkind

Hello, my name is Paul.

My TBI occurred when I was 17 and a Junior in HS, as a result of an Auto Accident (I was a passenger).  In one sense some may think I'm one of "luckier" ones (because NO ONE can tell unless I tell them), however as ALL of you know we "think differently" and this has effected my whole life! Although I've probably been through well more than 25 jobs in my life, I am *very* entrepreneurial... and my TBI 100% led to a business that can POSITIVELY IMPROVE MANY WOMEN'S LIVES IN TODAY'S WORLD, however my TBI also "handicapped" my ability to fully bring "Her" to fruition! The name of my business is HerComputer® and is fully built on and around the FACT that Men and Women Think, Learn and Communicate DIFFERENTLY.

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