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TBI One Love Survivor Paul McMahon

Hello, my name is Paul.

On the 30th of March 2014 I fell 3.5 stories from a building in Sydney and into concrete. The accident occurred at a friend’s house on my 28th birthday party evening. I flew through the air hitting an awning after one floor and then through a tree.

This major accident could have been my peril but I survived and am now writing a book of the survival. The recovery story includes a one month long trip around Australia, representing my thrill for travel.

Breaking his left leg, left arm, possible lung damage and a damage to the left side of his skull, injured him. Strangely after a large amount of surgery, he looks almost the same. However, the Brain Injury was the overlooked element in many ways and the undetectable element to the naked eye.

There was original fear that Paul may not walk or indeed be unable to talk. The usual recommendation is that Brain Injuries take around two years to heal, with a minimum of six months recovery.

Over the months Paul has healed well, with only a small scar above his left eye to indicate what had happened.

The story shows that despite the worst accident possible you can still venture to tranquillity and prosperity. This is a positive story built on luck.

Paul’s Brain Injury was the worst feature to slow recovery. He has completed a neuropsychological test and is fit to return to work. He has also begun a Masters, a massive achievement that on every study day he treasures.

Looking for work is a challenge and with that challenge is the end of the story, or maybe where the longest and realistic part comes. Time will tell. 

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