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TBI One Love Survivor Payton Sapp

Hello, my name is Courtney Sapp and I wanted to share My Son: 15-year-old Payton’s story.

The safety in Youth and High School doesn't seem as important as the College Level or Professional Level. My Son back in 2016, had received 8 hits to His Head in the first two quarters and they continued to play him after halftime before they finally had him pulled out of the game!

“In the days that followed, the pain in his head from the concussion was so intense he contemplated suicide. His pain level was an 8, 9, 10 every day," – Ms. Sapp

 He has had two Hospital admissions, eight trips to the ER, He was taking seven pills in the morning and six before bed, He has had Nerve block injections into his Neck and Head, He has been in Neuro rehab and we have been told He has years of this to do! He has always had, Cardiac issues afterwards because his Brain was not regulating properly to send signals to his Heart to tell it to beat and he has been out of school for a year!

I am in the process of writing letters to the Senators of Florida and the Governor because, I have been told that my Son had the responsibility to pull himself out of the game! There is NO accountability on anyone else at all!

 Neither Team had a Trainer on the payroll that Night, so there was not one on the sidelines. Which means, no one had a responsibility to keep the Children safe on the field!

There is no law that says a Trainer must be present at the Games or Practices. Parents don't know this and majority of Parents I have spoken to have never heard about a: Second Impact Syndrome until I tell them about Payton's story.

My ignorance as a Parent also contributed to this and God knows, I wish I would have done my research and knew about PCS and SIS prior to my Son being on that field.  To view Payton’s News Article, please click the News logo below!

Thank you for letting us join this Family!

I have been watching TBI One Love and I want to help you, educate parents also!

Thank you all, for your time!  

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