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TBI One Love Survivor Rachel Robbins

Hello, my name is Rachel Robbins, I got my TBI from a car accident in 2001 at the age of 17 (hit by a truck going 85 in a 55), had two bi-cranial surgeries to remove my skull plates/ bones for 6 weeks (so my brain could swell), was in a coma 6 weeks, had amnesia several months (to 2 years), and rehab 3 months.  I had suffered a "3rd-degree GCS"

(Glasgow coma scale) -->

     Severe: GCS 3-8 (You cannot score lower

     than a 3.)

     Moderate: GCS 9-12

     Mild: GCS 13-15.

I've had 8 hip and femur surgeries since then, due to ongoing calcium imbalances (due to my brain) that caused bursitis in my hips and calcification in my leg muscles. 

I did not have a lot of "mental" support from my immediate family, since they had a hard time dealing with my situation. 

I went to Austin College (private liberal arts college in Sherman, TX) a year following my accident, and it was certainly the hardest 4.5 years of my life (mentally and emotionally).  I had lost my first "real"/ serious boyfriend in my car accident, and that made everything even worse. I started working multiple jobs in college (mostly to distract my depression/ keep me busy), and worked 2-3 jobs following college, while I was trying to finish my prerequisites for pre-physical therapy school.

I married in 2013, and decided to stop working a month before giving birth to a baby girl in 2014.  I had my second child, a baby boy on April 1st, via VBAC, since my first was an ECS (could have been avoided if I'd had good doctors! ).  I was so afraid of managing 2 young children, but I wanted them both to have a sibling!  It's SO exhausting, stressful and overwhelming at times!

I manage a Facebook group called "Parents with a TBI/ ABI." Since I was so afraid to become a parent with my difficulties, and I feel blessed to have recovered so well, I wanted to help others and let them connect in a "safe place."

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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