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TBI One Love Survivor Randy Morgan

Hello, my name is Angela, and my son is Randy.

He was hit riding his bike to school on October 9 2015. Randy was hit around 40 mph in our neighborhood and thrown on to and over the car. He suffered a 8mm bleed to brain and a midline shift to the right side. His skull was removed to save his life.

His left leg has been rebuilt by plates and screws. Randy was in a medical coma for 3 weeks. And once awake transferred to a inpatient rehab at Pch. He was sent home after 2 weeks because he was blowing their socks off.  Randy is making this miraculous recovery and shown me prayers do work. He is beating the odds. He does has some brain damage but if I didn't tell you.

You would never know. My son is a TBI survivor!

We are waiting now to find out when his skull will be returned to his head. And with outpatient rehab he is almost ready to walk alone. Miracles do happen. 

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