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TBI One Love Survivor Renee Gancarski

Hello, my name is Renee Gancarski. On June 14th  in 2014, my boyfriend(Chris) and I went to a Red Sox game on his motorcycle. We had such a great day till we were on way home and a 17yr old ran a red light from a right turn only lane!

We didn't see him until it was too late. We ran into driver’s side door of his pickup, which sent the bike and us sideways into his extra cab and bed side of truck. After that contact, we were thrown off the bike. I was knocked out for almost 10mins, says the nurse that was luckily driving behind us!

My boyfriend was conscious after, but had broke many bones. The kid whom was driving the truck that caused this accident had 2 girls in his truck, but luckily they were not injured. I was released days later from the hospital, but I was very confused on how I suffered from a TBI, fractured my wrist, had broken ribs, and the road rash on my face was terrible.

I left hospital to go see my boyfriend, when he was in icu with feeding tube and other things, but unfortunately He passed away a week later and 10mins from the actual crash from his injuries! The kid because he was a juvenile with 2weeks till his birthday only received 2 months’ probation and lost his license,  for around I think 15yrs.

This is hard to believe that he could cause all this and go free I'm very unhappy with the outcome. He killed my boyfriend and the girl I use to be. Because of his dumb choices I lost myself, job, home, friends, my memory and will have to live with the health issues he caused!

Thank you for allowing me to share my story, please pray for me!

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