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TBI One Love Survivor Rikk Ott

Hello, my name is Rikk.

 In 1995, I was involved in a roll-over accident, that forever changed my life! 

I was on my way to wash my truck when I tried avoiding an accident that happened in front of me at a traffic light. I swerved left to avoid the accident and my truck hit the median then started to roll, my head went out the driver side window smashing into the ground on the first roll then I was bounced around and eventually ejected out of the passenger where I landed into oncoming traffic.

Luckily the light was red so there was no contact with any other vehicles. I don't remember any of the accident or even leaving my house that day, I only know this from the accident reports and witness accounts. I spent a week in a coma and was immediately released by the hospital when I woke up.

Three weeks after my release my little brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. Life has not been easy since my accident or my brother’s death and my injury, although hidden to most, has had major effects on me, my life, and my family. I just want to share with others going through similar ordeals that life can and will get better in time, with patience and with love!

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