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TBI One Love Survivor Rita Warren

Hi everyone, my name is Rita and I am also a TBI survivor.

All I can remember is it was April 23 2013 and I was on the way to work and they said I ran off the road over corrected and flipped over 5 times. They had to cut me out of car my heart was only beating 1 every 4 min. They had to do and all that but not sure all they had to do I was in hospital in Coma and life support for 7 days had blood transfusion and was paralyzed on my right side broke my neck and have a steal plate in right arm. I stayed in hospital for 2 months and rehab for 4 months, but the only thing I can remember is when I woke up out of coma I told everyone I talked to God. I could not see him he was talking from behind me on my right side and all I saw was endless row of vegetables and he said I had to come back I said No Take me w you he said in the loudest calmness voice no u got to go back and look after her and I'll know who she is when she COMES TO ME I SAID OK! And it went quiet. I'm still not sure who I'm supposed to b looking after,  but something in me feels like it's me. But I'm still healing and Drs. Still say I can't work or drive. I no longer have insurance so it's hard for me to even get a ride to a dr. But it’ll get better hopefully. My memory is still bad and I don't like being around a lot of people makes me very anxious but I'm trying my best. I am trying to get disability but it's been 2 and 1/2 yrs. so far so I have no money or nothing. It's been a struggle but all I do is pray it's got to get better eventually right?

Thanks for reading!

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