• Survivor or Caregiver

TBI One Love Survivor Robert Sargent

Hello, my name is Robert.

August 19, 2015 changed my life forever, after falling off a golf cart at my campground, hitting the back of my head on the street. With a fractured skull, and severe internal bleeding and swelling, I was flown to shock trauma ICU for 9 days, then physical fitness rehab for 2 weeks.

I was living in New Jersey, but have been back with my parents in West Virginia since. Best place for me to be. My life has changed immensely, but I choose to keep looking forward. Medically unable to return to work as a dispatcher, the job I loved, I'm making a new life here.

I'll be returning to school next year, for a cause that means the world to me. It's easier said than done at times, but I try to look at life now as a new chance, with new opportunities.

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