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TBI One Love Survivor Robert Williams

Hello, my name is Robert.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a tumor in my brain stem. At first it was considered inoperable because of its location, I went back and forth between different neurosurgeons for several months before my oncologist found one of only ten neurosurgeons in the United States who had performed brain stem surgery successfully, he was willing to attempt the operation. The operation was performed in January 2010. I was given a low chance of survival and a high chance of becoming a "vegetable" Brain stem surgery is more dangerous than open heart surgery and I am one of the few survivors able to tell my story.

I spent over 5 years in 2 different nursing homes. My vision was severely damaged by the operation, I had to wear an eye patch for about a year and a half, there were times when I wished I was blind it was so bad, but it has improved a lot, my vision isn't perfect but I'm thankful that I can see. I was in a wheelchair for over 5 years afterwards. I used to lie awake at night debating suicide because I thought I would always be in a wheelchair, doctors didn’t think id ever walk normally again, but by the grace of God I am learning to walk normally again.

I am currently using a walker to get around but my physical therapist will soon be training me to use a cane, and says my walking is so good I probably wont even need that eventually. I am only alive and walking because of God. God is the Great Physician and nothing is impossible with Him. Some people don’t like to hear the name Jesus, but I can tell you this: before I accepted Christ my life had no purpose, no direction. With Jesus I have a purposeful life. Without Jesus I wouldn’t have had the faith to carry through my ordeal and even though I’ve been through a lot I wouldn’t be who I am and know what I know, I wouldn’t have this testimony to share if not for accepting Jesus.

The fact that I am alive and walking is proof that God is in control and that miracles happen. A miracle happened in my life and one can happen in your life too.

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