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TBI One Love Survivor Rogelio Maulit Jr.

Hello, my name is Rogelio. I was a call center agent veteran who decided to go back to the province to be back with parents again me and my wife made a decision to stay here so we could raise our kids at a much serene and the air still clean compared to that of metropolis...we lived a very simple life was able to land jobs for me and my wife in the city which was about an hour and a half trip if you commute we have a car we can use but eventually decided to purchase a motorcycle because the gas for the car was impractical and we learned we were paying more for gas than what we earn daily.

We needed to save money for our two kids milk did not come cheap, but on June 25 of 2016 came the date that totally changed my started as a normal shift but on that morning towards the end of our shift my boss asked us if we can get together and have a little fun... and God knows I really wanted to join voluntarily because of all the stress from work and I might had a little fun too many and had a small amount of beer which I don’t drink anymore because of the chances of my blood pressure rising...then came my fate...I was okay because I did not feel tipsy at all, so I decided I can still ride my motorcycle home...but God has other seems that the beer took its toll I suffered a mild strong according to the doctor which might have been the reason I was not aware of another motorcycle that was bound my way so we collided face to face which was the reason why my helmet flew from my head it did and did not have a buckle, and then it bumped my head on a parked car on the side of the street...

I was very lucky my closest cousin was quick to respond he decided to rush me to the only hospital who has a brain surgeon in our place...I was even more fortunate. The surgeons mentor a retired expert neuro surgeon from the U.S. was present that day. And it was god given after more than 6 hours of brain operation they finally removed the blood clot and thank God after 2 weeks of daily therapy I moved my left leg and arm... and proceeded to do daily routines after the 1month therapy routines of walking and watering plants planted before the accident then as part my routine exercise I started planting more and might we know with God's blessing when all this plants start to fruit I will be completely recovered.

I am already starting to recover but in no rush...the TBI...might have given me my seizure...but I am alive and must continue on. I have 3 kids to feed and raise and they inspire me to strive harder avoiding the possible triggers of my seizure. I plan to resign from my job this coming June and focus on farming and raising and marketing tilapia for income.

I’m a TBI survivor and I advise to please take good care of your health. Always! Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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