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TBI One Love Survivor Samantha Foster

Hello, my name is Samantha. I am originally from St. Augustine, Florida but have called Vermont my home the past 4 years (getting used to snow! Wow!) I was a teacher until I had a Closed Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury in the classroom in 2008. I had a non-communicative Autistic Student blindside me in the head with my full large stainless steel water bottle knocking me out! When this occurred, I was also pregnant and honestly have very little memory of any of it. I know after this took place, that I couldn't Walk right, talk right, Read, see right, and had Anxiety, Migraines, various Cognitive issues and forgot many things that were natural. For example: like how to Drive.

This change ended up taking about, 3 years to see what would become my new normal.  After 8 years, I returned to the School only to be nailed very hard in the head in May 2017 with a ball breaking my nose and caused another Mild TBI on top of my moderate TBI I had in 2008. I am now back home with a set of new symptoms, such as I can't Smell, my Senses are easily overstimulated, neuro-fatigue (causing me to need to sleep every 2-3 hours), vertigo, sever Nausea, and Hemiplegic Migraines.

I worked very hard to get back into the Schools, because it is all that I wanted, but now I am home unfortunately probably for good.

I have been very sad, because I spent so much time in College getting all my degrees to be such a good teacher.

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family, I hope to learn a lot from the amazing stories!  

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