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TBI One Love Survivor Sarah Courtney

Hello, my name is Ms. Tamara Courtney. I am the Mother of an amazing young lady, named Sarah Courtney.

Sarah was a passenger in a car vs telephone pole then tree accident, where the pole hit right where she was sitting 2 days before Christmas December 23, 2012!

Injuries sustained bilateral frontal lobe hemorrhage. Complete facial smash, lacerated liver, fractured pelvis.  She lost the vision in her left eye, lost her sense of smell and taste. She now has seizures which are controlled due to the EVD used to reduce pressure in her brain. 

She is now after a lot of hard work and healing my hero! She is functioning extremely high and I don't think these is anything that can stop her! TBI One Love, thanks for letting us join this supportive Family!

Sarah's mom,

Tamara Courtney

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