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TBI One Love Survivor Sarah Shadi

Hello my name is Sarah Shadi. 17 years ago on December 22nd of 1999, a little chubby nerd was told that she was going to die.

Once I survived the night, I went on to have four surgeries (pictured below) that have spanned my entire life. I was told to give up my dreams because my Brain will never function well enough to finish college on an elite level.

So here I am graduating high school following my third surgery. Graduating college after my fourth surgery. And that last picture is of me in my final year in my PhD program, accepting the honor of presidency of Delta Alpha Pi, an honor society for graduate students with disabilities!

 I can't wait until I can fill that last empty space with a picture of me and my doctorate! The ultimate gift to the life sentence I was given.

No matter what comes your way, you can ALWAYS accomplish your dreams! Do not ever stop believing of giving up!

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