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TBI One Love Survivor Shane Harlacz

Hello, my name is Shane.

I sustained my Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (S.T.B. I) on August 8th of 2012, when I crashed my motorcycle while journeying home after my rock band’s rehearsal.

Post my 2-month coma and 4-month hospital stay I wrote 12k words in “Things I Left on the Highway.” Its author’s note …

“Things I Left on the Highway” tells some lies.

 I fashioned it around true events. I received its truths and creativity necessary stringing the events together. It felt like working construction. After time passed I realized tools swung near my hips. Brain injury made me understand their weight felt natural, and comfortable. More time later I hefted my hammer…

I referenced this note and looked it over often while writing my brain injury story’s first draft. It functioned like my own calming, comforting blueprint. Remembering my hospital days scared me sometimes.

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