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TBI One Love Survivor Shane Taylor

Hello, my name is Angela Jenkins,

I would love to tell you about Shane Taylor and how he got his TBI. Shane, has been away from his family for just about 15year, but recently he came home to finally see them! During his time with them, Shane decided to ride his bother in-laws Harley Davidson being only first time riding. On April 15 2014, Shane took off on the Harley Davidson up the street. While he was coming back he's bother in-law said, “that's it Shane” and for some reason he looked down and when that happened he hit a parked 57 Chevy! Shane had ripped his left leg open, then hit an another car, went up in the air and landed in the rod! I went to him till the am came I kept talking to him so he would stay with us

Riding that day almost took his life away, he is such amazing man! Shane has one child that he loves with all his heart! I've stood by side this man with his up and down for 2years and I will be there for him to see the outcome and pray every day that one day he will come home! Shane was only 44 when this happed he is now 46 with me helping him he has made a lot of progress!

Would love for some help, suggestions and prayers, hope this helps out other people!

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