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TBI One Love Survivor Steven Myers

Hello, my name is Steven Myers. On Aug. 13th in 2012 my life changed forever when I sustained my TBI after being in a horrible car accident with my Brother Aaron, who unfortunately passed away.  After several weeks in a Roanoke, Va., trauma center, Steven was transferred for a three-month stay at the Shepard Center in Atlanta Georgia.

“It was kind of like a therapy boot camp,” he recalls. “When I got there, I was unable to even sit up in my bed. By the time I left, I was walking on my own.”

During his time at Shepherd Center, Steven also began to grasp what had happened to him – and to Aaron – and began receiving the resources he needed to sort through his emotions

 “We talk about Aaron all the time,” Steven says. “His memory drives all of us, and we definitely feel his presence. So, we tell friends and family to do the same. We don’t want people to feel uncomfortable or feel scared to talk about him around us.”

Steven and Aaron, separated by four years, had formed their strongest bonds outdoors. Aaron was an enthusiastic outdoorsman who loved to hunt and fish. Steven wasn’t too keen on hunting, but the two found a compromise activity in hiking. Today, Steven and his parents relish the long walks they take with Aaron’s dog, Rusty.

Steven feels his brother’s encouragement in other ways, too. At the time of the accident, Steven says he wasn’t focused on the important things in life, including school. But now, he’s taking classes toward his associate’s degree, something Steven envisions as a first step toward a career in human services. He’s also begun opening himself up, sharing his story with support groups in his hometown.

“This is the beginning of the next big chapter in my life,” Steven says. “I want to get a job where I can share my story and help others who are facing similar situations. This is all to honor Aaron. His spirit is what pushes me today.”

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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