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TBI-One-Love-Survivor-Sue Beeson

Hello, my name is Sue Beeson from England.

In July of, 2016 I celebrated my 50th birthday and my hen-do with friends. I got married in August to a man I thought I knew until 16th December. I went to a Head office meeting in London to spend time in a department to lead a sales development role to the region I fell under. Needless to say I do not remember much of that day (only what I was told after I recovered)!

I suffered an undiagnosed AVM rupture which, was fully removed during emergency surgery. My husband and my two daughters were told that the bleed was so large I was not expected to survive!

Here I am up and running, and no longer married.

My husband left in the April (the only positive outcome was seeing the man now unable to manipulate me).

Due to my Brain Injury, I do have eye issues and epilepsy which is controlled by medication. My story continues with constant battles which I’m sure are unnecessary to type at this point. I’m don’t think I can change the world I need to like myself again.....

Thank you TBI One Love for being out there for others!

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