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TBI One Love Survivor Sue Cheveyo

Hello, my name is Sue and I have a traumatic brain injury...

My Brain Injury happened from a car accident that took place on July 1st 1998... I have had no help with this and been trying to wrap my head around this ever since.

Here's how mine went... one year after graduating from high school I'm set up with a blind date. Little did I know my life was going to change from that time on. I was a college prep everything with one year of college underneath my belt. I was a foster child growing up.

Things were going extremely great in the relationship that I knew of... decided on July 1st to go on a camping trip. That's when it all began for my life to change.

While we were driving our way camping, I was asked to look for the bills in the glove box for him to pay. I did, and I happened to look up quite quickly at the town line of Standish and Gorham in Maine... seeing a vehicle getting ready to exit Nicelys supermarket. I hit my face on the dashboard and blacked out into a coma... my cousin saw the whole accident and didn't know it was me till they pulled me out of the vehicle...

My Aunt was a cashier working at Nicelys during the accident... my cousin had to tell me what happened and this is what he told me... he told me the vehicle I was in went over the top of another vehicle on the other side of the road. Due to (as I cry writing this) the tires of the the vehicle I was in with a broken seatbelt and not told about it... And the heat of the engine from the other car spun the vehicle I was in three times flipped us over and slid us across the road... during this the side window glass and glass of the front all blew into my face.

I was pulled out and the guy I was going out with was trying to wipe my face with an oily rag. He was charged for doing pot behind the wheel. I went to Maine med woke up in the surgery room saw an extremely long needle getting ready to go into my stomach and passed out. I was told my right side of my face looked like someone took a baseball bat to it. I was never put into rehab but wished I had. I never got the help that I should of gotten. I went in and out of a comma for a week and then sent home... I have a metal plate for my right cheekbone and half a brain for the rest of my life.... why do I know the date so well you might be asking is cause I was going to see my biological sister that day for the very first time... that was part of the trip. It put my sister in life space in Spur wink cause she'd thought she was going to a funeral instead.

11 years later i was able to see my biological sister. I'm now 44 years old and living on my own. I don't want to feel alone with this anymore and want to get to know others that have the same thing.

I am a walking miracle they say and when I can wake up in the morning to a new day I am thankful to be alive.

Thank you TBI One Love for the opportunity to share my story and join your community of TBI survivors from all over the globe.

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