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TBI One Love Survivor Tanner Freeman

Hello, my name is Tanner.

I was the passenger in a mans car that I met at a four of July "food truck festival in the parking lot of my workplace, downtown Indianapolis my brother was following in his car, he saw the whole thing, he immediately stopped and ran to the car and noticed that I was not breathing and he saved my life using CPR, and despite his wonderful deed and quick thinking,  I was STILL pronounced dead at the scene and when taken to the hospital, I was said to never walk, talk or be anything more than a vegetable for the remainder of my life..

They told my mom that she would "have to make the decision" to pull me off of life support, or put me in a nursing home eventually... Which was a ridiculous ultimatum because I woke from a coma and started writing for communication and shortly after, I began talking.... After about a month in a coma, and 2 months in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, I was discharged and began life at home, once again, and I had home therapy for a while who got me to start walking (with assistance) because, with my TBI, I lost the control of the left side of my body, then, I ran out of insurance approved visits from home therapy and began outpatient therapy at a Neuro rehabilitation center who worked with me until I was able to start walking without someone holding my gait belt and walking using ONLY a "quad cane" but, for safety and liability reasons they don’t like me walking without someone just yet.

I still visit the outpatient therapy twice a week, who continue to get improvements out of me, and I believe they will help me begin walking without ANY form of assistance, like a cane or even someone walking beside me! I was suggested to start vocational rehab, who will help get me back to work, and college!  I'm SO excited!! It has been 8months since the accident and I just can't wait to see what comes from the next 4-8 months!!

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