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TBI One Love Survivor Taylor Stultz

Hello, my name is Taylor. I will never forget when my life immediately changed!

I sustained my TBI when I was in the backseat with my seat belt on when the back tire blew off. I remember turning around and seeing it, then looking forward knowing something bad was about to happen!

Time seemed to slow for a few seconds, long enough for me to see the other cars when we did a 180 on the freeway!

I grew up on dirt bikes and things like that so when it happened I grabbed my seat belt with my left arm and grabbed the side panel with my right, I also pushed against the floor board with my legs. We then hit a tree and rolled 4-5 times down an embankment on the side of the freeway, all while hitting more trees and some boulders. I remember most of it.

 I remember waking up to her my friends screaming my name. There just happened to be an off-duty CHP officer behind us when it happened, he was able to pull me out of the car and we walked up the hill together. Now before all of this happened I worked in a nursing home for a while. I was very calm at the scene and the only one hurt. I ended up with 6 broken bone total. 5 in my face and my collar bone. The hospital I was taken too wanted to discharge me 4 hours after the accident happened. The reasoning was that he (DR) couldn’t justify it to insurance.

What I wasn’t told was that my sinus cavities had be broken in and had bleeding and bone fragments in them.  It took about 2 months and multiple ER visits to get a diagnosis on my TBI. As I was trying to heal my bones I didn’t know my brain needed to be healed too. I had no clue why I was getting so uncontrollably moody, my speech change, why my taste was randomly changing, or why my short-term memory was suddenly horrible.

Once I knew I had a brain injury my mom and I did all the research we could. Which lead to us moving to a different state. Flash forward a year I had surgery on my collar bone so it can heal correctly, had another MRI, had a EEG, and have learned so much about myself and life.

 My MRI was great, it took a few attempts due to anxiety, and my EEG showed that my whole brain is having abnormal activity even when not stimulated. So I am having some kind of seizures, I’m also on medication for that. Life isn’t great, most defiantly not easy.

But I am here to live it and I’m going to give it all I got! Thank you for letting me join this helpful family! 

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