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TBI One Love Survivor Thomas Lee Payton

Hello, my name is Tabitha Payton, and my son is Thomas.

On September 28 2015 my son purchased a 2002 blazer, he asked me to meet him at the insurance company to help him out seeing as how he was only 18 years old!

He was so very proud of his vehicle, and I was proud for him. He was going to pick up his girlfriend from band practice, and then have dinner with her family. Six hours after purchasing the vehicle we received a call from GSP letting us know our son was being life flighted to Atlanta medical!

We had no idea what was going on. Thomas lees vehicle had gone off the road rolled several times, struck a tree and caught on fire! Thank God for a home owner that heard the crash and came out to try and extinguish the fire! Paramedics arrived and tried many times to extract him from the vehicle, and finally were successful. Thomas Lee had nine broken ribs, both lungs collapsed, a lacerated liver, spleen and diaphragm as well as spinal cord fractures, and shearing to both hemispheres of the brain and brain stem, and fourth degree burns to his legs resulting in amputations!

We sat for six hours while our son was in surgery, not knowing what was wrong with our him! Once the doctors told us what has happened we were devastated! Thomas Lee spent 40 days in a coma, with a 90 percent chance of never regaining consciousness, and if he did he would remain in a vegetive state! We never gave up hope.

Thomas Lee spent 8 months away from home in and out of LTACH facilities and rehabs, with still everyone telling us he really had no hope! In April of 2016 Health South of Newnan asked us if they could help, we reluctantly said yes. Five weeks with them and he was on a oral diet and driving a motorized chair! He had gotten down to 90 LBS, and had a stage four bed sore due to other facilities!

He is now 134.9 lbs and free of bed sores. He is learning to talk again and comprehends every word that is spoken to him! We know without doubt our son is a miracle, and no one but God pulled him through this! He is about two months away from being fitted for prosthesis!

We know that with continued prayer and determination he will succeed at anything he wants to!

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