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TBI One Love Survivor Thomas McCoy

Hello, my name is Lora leigh, my Dad Thomas McCoy sustained his closed head injury in 1988. He was mowing a neighbor’s yard with a tractor and the back-left tire ran over a metal pole and when he drove off it went back up but went forward and hit him in his head.

Cracked his skull causing bleeding in the brain. He was life flighted from a walk-in clinic in Monticello FL to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. When they went in they removed a blood clot size of a burger king whopper and had to replace his skull with a metal plate.

He died on the operating table several times and had to be brought back. He was in a coma for 6 weeks. He had to learn to Talk, eat, swallow, breathe, read, write, walk all over again.

He didn't even remember his kids name. He has 3 kids! Thank you for allowing us to join this supportive Family!

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