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TBI One Love Survivor Tyler Michaud

Hello, my name is Tyler. On August 9th, 2017, I suffered a TBI during football practice!

Honestly, I don’t remember when or how I got it, I’ve just been told that during practice I acted funny and I couldn’t talk right.

 I never blacked out and continued to play and hit my head with other players. But, the next day I left for practice and noticed I could barely stay in my lane. I thought nothing of it, until my friends started to tell me that everything I said makes no sense! I finally realized something was wrong when I ran onto the field with only one cleat on, and I went and saw the trainer. She told me I had a concussion and I’d be out for a week. 

At the doctors I started throwing up and not even talking in coherent sentences. The doctor, using an outdated method, said I had a stage 3 concussion and that I’d be fine. 

Long story short, I wasn’t!

I started passing out, throwing up, and even had seizures. After a year of recovering I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way and I can function as a normal human being. I get outdoors and workout daily. I’ve regained my strength and confidence to start living a normal life again. No matter what though, I will always have those haunting memories that taught so much about life that I didn’t want to know.  Thanks for letting me join this supportive family and share my story! 

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