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TBI One Love Survivor William Collado

Hello, my name is Mrs. Deidre Collado. My husband William Collado, is a TBI Survivor. His accident happened 1/2/17 because of an ATV rollover.

He was in a coma for 6 days, and hospitalized for 5 weeks. He was discharged from the hospital and we went to Brooks Rehab for 27 days. I brought him home, and on the third night woke up and found him on the floor. He also lost his vision because of the accident, and has transcortical sensory aphasia. He is an amputee, and has type 1 diabetes as well.

I had to take him back to the hospital, where he has been for 2 months now. I cannot care for him at home, because I don't have anyone that can help me. I have been trying to get him into a skilled nursing facility, but we live in Florida, and the hospital bed with all four rails up, and lap belt which are having to be used for his safety are considered restraints.

He cannot get his bone flap put in until July, because he has been on Coumadin, and his surgeon said he had to wait for 6 months.

Thank you for allowing us to join this helpful Family, please pray for us!

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