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TBI One Love Survivor William Self

My husband is a house painter by trade.  He has been painting since he was 15.  In 1995, he fell 20 ft.  Off the roof if a new house (porch) he was working on. 

At that time, he had no head injury.  He lost the elbow in his left arm and completely fractured the right wrist, dislocated the left shoulder.  He was turned down for social security we fought it for seven years and they never approved him. 

He eventually went back to work.  This past July he fell thirty feet off a ladder onto the concrete driveway on his head.  He suffered from bilateral skull fractures, spinal fractures, busted ear drum, swelling of the brain, blood on his brain.  

He is not the same man I married.  I am trying to get scans to see if he has frontal lobe damage, because he is aggressive, depressed, fatigued, sometimes just loud and mean.  I love him, would not leave him because he needs me.  Social security has refused him again, he has no insurance, we lost our home, we are living in a hotel.  No one from the government will help us because we are not homeless.  But we have God and each other!

Thank you for reading his story and letting us join this family, please pray for us!

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